Nike SNKRS Auto-Checkout Slot Release FAQ

The questions below are most frequently asked of our support team about the procedures during SNKRS releases.


QUESTION: Should I log-out of my SNKRS app before the release?

ANSWER: No, you don’t need to log out at all, the best practice would be to stay off the app entirely.


QUESTION: Can I enter using the same account used on my order manually?

ANSWER: No, this is prohibited. If you want to enter, use a different account than the one you provided us.

If you enter manually with the same account and win, you are still responsible for our Service Fee.


QUESTION: Are your slots 2 for 1? Can you get me multiple pairs on the same slot…

ANSWER: No, each slot/order requires a unique SNKRS Verified Account. You can only enter a draw one time per account. Therefore, getting multiple pairs is impossible on the same account. If you’d like us to try to secure more than 1 pair for you, please order 2 slots using unique SNKRS info. You are responsible for 1 free per slot order.


QUESTION: Will you run for a Shock Drop?

ANSWER: Most likely Yes…we will look at the release day by day and make a decision on wether to keep orders open or closed based on the responses of customers. Please stay up to date with release info by following our Twitter and Instagram accounts.


QUESTION: Are you offering for for the UK or Canada?

ANSWER: Each product is different, on the product page, there is a country entry field, if you see Canada or UK, you’re good to go ahead with an order.


IMPORTANT!!! - It's entirely possible Nike may change some entry parameters and you will need to enter manually using the account information you gave us. If this is the case we will post a tweet 1 minute into the entry window telling you to go manually. In this case, you WILL NOT be charged a service fee if you are successful.


Should you not find the answer to your question above, please email us at